Ben Dolphin

Ben Dolphin

Ben’s work combines art, science and advertising. A native New Yorker, he directs and shoots Tabletop & Live Action TV Commercials and Print on five continents. World renown for High Speed Liquids, he also shoots Food, Cosmetics, Fashion, Beauty, Gold & Diamond Jewelry and Pharmaceuticals. A master of High Speed and all Effects Driven Visuals, he is accomplished in blending Live Action and CGI Elements. Ben, a Certified Steadicam operator is highly experienced with Motion Control and advanced camera and product rigs. He is a 3D/Stereo Imaging Specialist certified by Sony and Panasonic.

Partial client list: L’Oreal, Heineken, Tropicana, Miller, Budweiser, Asahi, Olay, Lipton, Estee Lauder,
Shiseido, Kraft, Dove, Tylenol, Stella Artois, Aquafina, Brita, MTV, Coca Cola, Minute Maid and Firestone.

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