Jerzy Dytkiewicz

Jerzy Dytkiewicz

Jerzy Dytkiewicz is a tabletop director and food film director with a massive international experience.

He worked in Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam, Kyiv, Ho Chi Minh City, Warsaw, Breslau, Jakarta, Istambul to name a few.

He is a versatile director that has an expierience and knowledge how to mixed tabletop/demo shots with live-action part to create an impactful movies. That means you don't need to break your commercial to two parts and hire two diffrent directors.

Jerzy loves to shoot tabletop commercials, food films, demo parts or digital stories, all depending on the client’s needs. But,

Jerzy does not limit himself to one style only and that makes him so unique and different from other tabletop directors. Combining all visual technics, styles, gears, and approaches to create stunning images with engaging storytelling quality. 

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